Press Release

Flexcar Launches Vehicle-Level Pricing for Car Subscriptions

Drivers can choose the exact car that meets their lifestyle and budget based on the vehicle’s year, model, and mileage.

BOSTON, October 12, 2023 —  Flexcar, the smart alternative to car ownership, today announced that the company is introducing dynamic, vehicle-level pricing for all of its cars. With Flexcar’s new pricing, members will be able to select a monthly car subscription that’s the exact fit for their specific needs and budget.  

“If you’ve ever rented, leased, or bought a car, you’ve probably had the experience of seeing a particular car available on a website, only to find out that you’re being sold on a completely different make and model when you show up at the dealership or rental agency,” said Corey Lewis, CMO at Flexcar. “At Flexcar, we’re making the entire process of having a car more flexible, affordable, and transparent. Starting today, we’re allowing our customers to select the exact car online that they’ll pick up or have delivered, and automatically adjusting the price based on a range of characteristics of that specific car.” 

Flexcar’s vehicle-level pricing is immediately available across Massachusetts, the Greater Atlanta Area, Nashville, and Charlotte. Factors that determine pricing include the make, model, features, and mileage of the car, as well as the driver’s credit score. 

Flexcar is announcing vehicle-level pricing during a time of significant growth for the company. In 2023, customers have driven tens of millions of miles in Flexcars. Flexcar also launched delivery, allowing customers in Massachusetts and the greater Atlanta area to have Flexcars delivered right to their homes.