Press Release

Flexcar Launches in Connecticut 

Drivers in the in the Fairfield area can save thousands of dollars with Flexcar’s monthly car subscriptions

FAIRFIELD, Conn., April 17, 2024 — Flexcar, the smart alternative to buying or leasing a car, today announced that the company is launching its comprehensive monthly car subscriptions in Connecticut. Starting today, residents in the Fairfield area can sign up for Flexcar, choose from a wide range of vehicles, and have the car delivered to their home. 

“Over the last three years, Flexcar has launched in states all along the East Coast and thousands of drivers have switched to Flexcar for their long-term car needs — instead of buying or leasing a vehicle,” said Ryan Quinlan, COO of Flexcar. “During this time, we’ve received a lot of inquiries from customers outside of the areas we currently serve, especially in areas like Connecticut which have some of the highest costs of car ownership in the US. With our launch in Connecticut, we look forward to giving drivers across the Constitution State a more affordable and convenient way to have a car.”

Connecticut drivers who sign up for Flexcar receive insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, mileage, and more in one monthly payment. Drivers can choose their car on the Flexcar website or mobile app, specify whether they’d like to have it delivered, and drive the car for as long as they’d like. With Flexcar, drivers can save over $2,000 upfront compared to the costs of buying or leasing a car, and up to 20% on monthly payments. 

Connecticut is Flexcar’s sixth state. The company also serves metropolitan areas in Massachusetts, Georgia, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Tennessee. 

Flexcar is announcing the Connecticut expansion during a time of significant growth for the company. Recently, Flexcar announced a fleet expansion, offering drivers a range of additional economy and luxury vehicles. Flexcar also shared that its customers have driven more than 100 million miles in Flexcars since launching in 2021.