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Flexcar Announces Car Subscription Savings Calculator 

Drivers can compare estimated savings from a Flexcar monthly car subscription to a specific vehicle versus buying the vehicle 

BOSTON, February 13, 2024 — Flexcar, the smart alternative to buying or leasing a car, today announced the Flexcar Subscription Savings Calculator, a dynamic calculator that helps drivers quickly see how much money they could save annually with Flexcar’s comprehensive monthly car subscriptions.  

“When you buy a car, you encounter sky high costs at every turn,” said Ryan Quinlan, COO of Flexcar. “The dealer is incentivized to get the highest possible price for the vehicle, the financing company only offers high interest rates, insurance companies’ premiums are only going up, and mechanics can charge more than $100 for an oil change alone. Put this all together, and you have a situation where buying a car is an extraordinary financial burden.”

He added, “At Flexcar, we’ve known for years that subscribing to a car is in most cases cheaper than buying one. To prove it, we’ve created a dynamic calculator that clearly shows customers estimates for how much money they’d save subscribing to a vehicle monthly instead of buying it with financing.” 

After a customer selects the vehicle they’d like to subscribe to, and provides their credit score range along with the number of miles they would like to drive monthly, the Flexcar Calculator offers the total one-year cost for that vehicle, including their estimated monthly payments as well as the membership fee. Flexcar then gives a side-by-side comparison of what they would spend on buying that same vehicle, including the estimated down payment, monthly car payments, insurance, and maintenance. 

Flexcar is announcing the Flexcar Subscription Savings Calculator during a time of significant growth for the company. Recently, Flexcar announced a fleet expansion for Massachusetts drivers, and shared that its customers have driven more than 100 million miles in Flexcars since launching in 2021. The company also introduced delivery for customers in Massachusetts and Atlanta, making the process of getting a Flexcar even more convenient. 

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