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Car Subscriptions: The New Way to Drive

Technology continues to generate advancements in science and technology; hello, Mars – see you soon. We have self-driving cars, delivery drones, and artificial intelligence-driven computers that can heal your skin. Granted, we still can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube when needed, but there are more options and ways to do more, see more, and live longer and better. 

So, why do we still have to buy or lease a car? It’s archaic. 

Car subscription is here to be that better option. The forward-thinking, commitment-free way to have the car you want when you need one has arrived. 

What is a car subscription?

Car subscriptions, or car-scription as we call them, are similar to any streaming services or newsletters operating on a subscription model. You pay a recurring bill for as long as you are a subscriber. It’s better than a short-term lease because it’s truly commitment-free. Flexcar’s subscription plans deliver the freedom of having a car without the hassles of owning or leasing.

Benefits of car subscription 

Let’s be honest: owning a car is more costly than freeing. Car subscriptions like Flexcar knock those costs down effortlessly. 

Let’s examine how. 

One of the largest barriers to car ownership is the initial cost. New and used car prices continue to rise and so too makes the down payment. It’s not unusual to pay several thousand dollars as a down payment. 

And you do that to shorten the length of the car loan, which often has terms of five years or longer. That’s sixty months of payments with interest.   

Then there’s car leasing. Leases have cost much less for a down payment, though not zero dollars. And it’s generally only two or three years of lease payments. 

Instant savings, right?  

Except there are depreciation and damage costs with car leases. When your lease is up, the dealership inspects it for any surface or internal damage that will further depreciate its value. It’s safe to say the odds of returning your lease and not paying a lump depreciation and damage fee are slim. 

Flexcar+ members save even more 

Flexcar also offers a membership program called Flexcar+ that unlocks access to exclusive discounts and lower rates. 

Flexcar+ members pay $199 for a yearly membership, and with that, they receive ower vehicle rates in all tiers and discounted mileage every week. For most members, Flexcar+ pays for itself in just a couple of weeks. 

Additionally, Flexcar+ members have access to our Prepay plan option, which unlocks our lowest rates and mileage costs for those opting to pre-pay for four weeks of service. 

New benefits are always being explored!  

Car subscriptions make it easier

Flexcar requires no big down payment. There are also no interest rates to worry about at any time.  

Flexcar lets you pick a car from our vehicle tiers, from economy to luxury. Each tier has a weekly rate that could be as low as $70. That is all your guaranteed expenses with a Flexcar car subscription.  

Say goodbye to the cost barrier of having a car. 

Leasing isn’t driving

Car leases may offer a degree of cost management, but they all come with mileage restrictions. Sometimes, you can drive less than a thousand miles a month without worrying about incurring heavy overage penalties when your lease is up. 

There’s not much freedom when counting the miles to and from everywhere.  

Flexcar doesn’t do mile restrictions. Drive as often and as far as you want. There is a low per-mile fee that is charged weekly. Only paying for the miles driven gives subscribers more control over their car costs. 

When your budget benefits from less driving, subscribers deal with less financial stress knowing they can lower their bills.  However, the per-mile cost is low enough that even those who balance heavy driving weeks will still benefit from lower costs with a car subscription.  

Car subscriptions deliver real savings

The part few discuss when they consider buying or leasing a vehicle is the insurance costs. Insurance costs vary by state, car model, and driving history. That is much potential for the monthly plan price to increase. 

Flexcar’s car subscription service includes insurance. Flexcar uses your license to confirm your identity and check your driving record at the time of checkout. That’s all.  

Drive your Flexcar without worry, knowing our comprehensive insurance has you covered. That’s a monthly bill you simply do not have with a car subscription. 

That level of real-world savings makes Flexcar a benefit to many who need a car for a week, a month, or longer. 

Flexcar subscriptions are full service

Have you ever had one of your service lights come and feel relief? Impossible. 

Car service lights like check engine lights frequently come with steep repair bills. Then there are the oil changes, tire rotations, and all the general maintenance that comes with buying and leasing cars. 

The scary repair and maintenance bill looms large over the entire time you have the vehicle. 

Flexcar’s car subscription includes repairs and maintenance costs in your weekly car rate.  

There are no extra charges after repairs are complete or reimbursing you for oil changes. If your Flexcar needs a repair, all subscribers have to do is log into their account, select a time and pick-up location, and then choose the car they want to swap as a replacement. Then, it’s just a matter of dropping off one and driving off in the other. 

When it’s time for regular maintenance like an oil change, all subscribers need to do is locate a Pep Boys and complete their service at no additional cost.  

Flexcar is committed to an end-to-end, hassle-free experience.  

Flexcar’s swap solution  

The basic mission of Flexcar is to help as many people as possible get the car they want when they need one.  

From that simple mission, the benefits we’ve already covered are awesome, but they aren’t the only reason Flexcar is driving the future of car subscriptions. 

Flexcar subscribers can not only return their car whenever they want, but they can also swap into an entirely different vehicle at any time and as often as they desire. 

Imagine when extended family visits and the sedan isn’t enough to fit. Simply schedule a swap into one of Flexcar’s available SUVs, and it’s easy to travel for their extended visit. 

You may like to Flexcar, a fuel-efficient hybrid for your weekly commute but need something sporty for winter weekends in the mountains or summers at the beach. Just schedule a swap, and you could be Jeep cruising soon. 

Subscribe and save 

You deserve more options than buying or leasing a car; Flexcar’s car subscription service is the perfect alternative.  

It’s time to own the road, not the car! 

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